July, 13, 2021 – Focus Stacking.

At this meeting Eric Whitenton will do a presentation on Focus Stacking. He will discuss what Focus Stacking is and will discuss in more detail the following attributes:

●Two main techniques: One at a time versus all at once.

–One at a time has one or two steps.

●Acquiring the slices.

–Done automatically by a lens (Example from Internet).

–Camera moved by hand (Example from Internet).

–Camera on a linear slide

(My examples: 1.product photography) 2.UV and visible light moth 3.microphotography).

–FYI, just put camera on a rotational slide, and now you also have panoramic imaging


–In camera, saving only finished photo. Do not have to store large volumes of data.

–In post. Can fix issues if any occur.–All at once always has two steps.

●Light Field cameras. Sacrifice resolution to avoid motion issues.

●For current generation of cameras, you must process

(My example from Lytro camera. Include demo of determining focus in post.)

April 13, 2021 – Astrophotography Image Processing.

The Monthly meeting of the Jefferson County Photo Club will be a ZOOM meeting. It will be held on Tuesday, April 13 at 7PM. At this meeting, one of our members, Rip Smith will be presenting a demonstration of how he processes images related to astrophotography. Rip will cover data acquisition, file
formats, and the general workflow for combining filtered greyscale images to color. He will demonstrate the process on two different images and provide information about the different websites where remote telescope imaging is available. If you are interested in attending, just click on the ZOOM link below and follow the instructions for downloading the zoom app on your PC or phone. There is no charge for this demo. Meeting and Demo start at 7PM.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 927 688 5983
Passcode: 3NSVzX

October 11 – 20, 2019 – Jean Heiler Gallery Exhibit.

Club members will display some of their work in the Jean Heiler Gallery, located in the basement level of the Old Opera House, Charles Town West Virginia. The exhibit will be available for viewing during show intermissions on the following dates Oct 11, 12, 13 and Oct 18, 19, 20. If you are going to one of the scheduled shows at the Old Opera House please take a moment during intermission to view our work.

July 10, 2018 – Stop Action and Macro Photography

Below are club members pictures from our stop action and macro photography demonstration.  Photo credits given to Peter Scheps, Eric Whitenton, and John Kracke.

John Kracke 1John Kracke 2John Kracke 3John Kracke 4John Kracke 5John Kracke 6John Kracke 7John Kracke 8John Kracke 9John Kracke 10John Kracke 11Peter Schepps 1Peter Scheps 2

Photography Opportunity


Peter Scheps’ Deardorf Demonstration:DSC_2323_Soft 3DSC_2331_Soft 2DSC_2332_Soft 3DSC_2333_Soft 3DSC_2336_Soft 3



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