Club Member Photos

These two photos were sent to us from club member, John Bowen.  The first is titled:  Dropping the Pilot


The second is called All At Sea.


This photo was sent to us by club member, John Kracke.  Lovely Hibiscus.


These beauties were taken by club member, Rip Smith.  He takes spectacular pictures and more can be found at his website,

Harper's Ferry TunnelHeavy MetalAbandoned Farmhouse and TruckMilky Way over Tundbridge, North DakotaSun Breaking ThroughRural Delivery

Taken by club member Alice Newton, a brother caring for his younger sister on the beach at the Arabian Sea, near Cochin, India.  To see more of Alice’s work, check out her website at


Photos by club member, Kelly Riner.  Kelly is an amatuer photographer who is still trying to find her niche.  You can see more of Kelly’s work at

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